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About us

  Since its inception, VOLTRX has been adhering to high quality products available to customers at low price.

  We dare to say that VOLTRX is the industry leading quality Electric shaker bottle in the world.

  We use high quality materials in our products, and through the tens of thousands tests before the product is sold, we try our best to ensure that the products are perfect when they reach the hands of consumers.

  Our slogan is: Always high quality products.

Why do we start?

We are a group of fitness loving who are tired of drinking protein powder mixed with the disgusting taste of powder cubes.

One morning in 2018, of course, was a morning when my arms were sore from working out my biceps the day before, a feeling that a fitness guru enjoys. So it was essential to make a protein drink in the morning. When I added 2 spoonfuls of protein powder to the regular shaker bottle, I found that shaking it up and down was very painful because of the ache in my arms, and I was tired of the disgusting protein powder drink mixed with powder blocks.

The next year, VOLTRX was born.

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No. 821, Huameiju CBD, Shenzhen, China


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