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Fitness is generally divided into two directions, one is fat loss and the other is muscle gain. The actions selected in these two directions are different, and the methods of practice are also different. When we want to gain muscle, we often use the gym to exercise. In fact, bare hands can also increase muscle. So today we will introduce a freehand muscle gain plan, a few exercises to develop a perfect body, let’s take a look!

Bare-handed muscle building plan, a few exercises to achieve a perfect body

   Each action must be in place, and then repeat the cycle from the beginning after all the actions are completed. Perform a total of 3 sets, and rest for 10 seconds between sets. The heart rate is controlled at 120 to 150 beats per minute. Slow down when necessary and don’t let the movement deform. If you really can’t hold on, take a break and drink some water.

   1. Jogging in place
   This is a good warm-up, just relax and stretch.

  2. Raise your legs in place
   Keep your upper body upright, tighten your core muscles, close your arms to your sides, and raise your legs as fast as you can.

  3. Shooting
   squat down, imagine you pick up a basketball, get up and jump up, while throwing the ball with both hands up. Okay, the second ball comes again, squat down again, pick up the ball, jump up and shoot!

Bare-handed muscle building plan, a few exercises to achieve a perfect body

   4. Dynamic push-ups
   When lifting up the body to restore, move your left hand to your right hand, and your left foot to your right foot. Then immediately open your right hand and right foot, move your body’s center of gravity slightly to the right, and perform the next push-up.

   5. Close legs
   Stand upright, raise the knee of the left leg to the upper right side, and at the same time put the right elbow down, and put both hands under the chin; alternately touch the elbow with the knee to keep the body stable. Can still carry weight on the ankle.

  6. ​​Squat with unarmed lunges x2
   With hands on hips, take a big step forward, lower the body, bend the front knee joints at a 90-degree angle, and the back knee joints are close to the ground. Use the heels of the front feet to stand on the ground and stand up to the starting position.

  7. The last triangle stretch
   Open your feet about twice the width of your shoulders, open your hands to a large font, turn the toes of your left foot to the left, extend your left arm, push your upper body to the left as much as possible, and keep your lower body still. Remind everyone to wait until the left hand and upper body are pushed to the left to the limit, bend over, put the left hand on the ground near the ankle, and stretch the other hand towards the sky. The left hand can also be placed on the ankle or calf. After 5 breaths, slowly get up and switch to the other side.