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The protein shaker electric makes the jitter smoother. The battery life left a deep impression on me. I use protein shaker electric twice a day to mix milkshakes
. I have purchased protein shaker electrics as gifts for friends and colleagues. I am very satisfied with the quality and design. This is a great choice for anyone who how to make a lot of their own milkshakes.

This is very suitable for mixing protein drinks, and will not create those small protein balls like stirring balls. Protein shaker electric is also very useful for amino energy, because protein shaker electric is hydrophobic and does not like mixing with water. The protein shaker electric mixes well in this regard. I hope they make a glass version with a small metal blade so that protein shaker electric can be used for protein bottle shakers such as coffee. Maybe glass with a removable silicone protective film.
This protein bottle shaker does a great job of mixing my protein powder. I used to leave big chunks on the bottom of my drink and protein shaker. This is not a problem. I also used protein shaker electric to scramble eggs, and the protein shaker electric was very fluffy. I only got the product recently, so if there are any problems in the future, I will update it as needed.
This protein bottle shaker is very rock! Good mixing, rechargeable, easy to carry around.