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Many people like to choose complex and difficult exercises when making weight-loss plans, and think that exercises in this way can make them slimmer. But in fact, the weight-loss plan does not need to be too complicated. Walking is a very basic exercise with very good weight-loss effects. So today we will introduce a walking weight-loss plan, let’s take a look at it together!

Walking weight-loss plan A weight-loss plan that can be beautiful by walking for 1 hour a day

  The first step: find a suitable time and place to walk
  This light walking formula, in addition to burning fat and losing weight, is also especially aimed at the waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs, which can help you achieve a super-strong exercise effect. Just adjust the walking frequency, slope and step size, choose a pair of good shoes that make you fall in love with walking, and you can start the walking slimming plan.
   Regarding the choice of location, if the weather permits, of course the suburbs, parks, and sports fields are all good choices. When it rains, MRT stations, department stores, and daily commuting routes are also good. At least 30 minutes each time, choose 2 periods of time in the morning, midnight and evening, and walk at least 1 hour a day. If you persist for 200 hours, you will be able to lose weight steadily at a rate of 2kg per month. When the 200-hour plan ends, you can lose 12kg.

   Step 2: Novices first try the basic light walking formula
  Walking alternately fast and slow for 30 minutes: At a steady pace, add a little endurance to the point where you feel short of breath and sweat slightly, and walk happily for more than 30 minutes. Pay attention to speed changes and time calculations, and it will arrive in less than 30 minutes.

   basic light walking speed alternately

   0-4 minutes to warm up, move slowly, and still talk at a normal speed.

   Increase the speed for 4-8 minutes, and feel breathing slightly.

   8-12 minutes slow down to a moderate speed.

   12-16 minutes in a fast sprint.

   Return to medium speed in 16-20 minutes.

   20-24 minutes to sprint again with rapid speed.

   Return to medium speed in 24-27 minutes.

   27-30 minutes to slow down and ease

Walking weight-loss plan A weight-loss plan that can be beautiful by walking for 1 hour a day

  The third step: veterans challenge the advanced skinny buttocks light walking formula
The weight loss effect of brisk walking is far better than jogging. By staggering the speed of fast and slow walking, the brisk walking and slow walking are carried out in turns, because the whole body must be exhausted, and the muscle fibers of the exercise gluteal leg can be strengthened to accelerate to reach the curve. Slender goal!

   Advanced skinny buttocks runway fast and slow 30 minutes

   1. Walk slowly 2 laps first, as a warm-up at the beginning.

  2. Walk 2 laps quickly. Next, walk the playground at a medium speed for 1 lap.

  3. After the last one rapid lap, walk 2 laps slowly as a relaxation exercise. In most playgrounds, one lap is more than 400m. According to the pace of each person, it takes about 2-4 minutes to complete one lap.

  About the speed of the runway

  1, rapid walking: 4.7-5.0mile/hr (use your best effort to walk forward)

  2, fast walking: 4.5mile/hr (slightly slower than fast walking)

  3, medium speed walking: 4.0-4.3mile/hr

  4. Slow walking: 3.0mile/hr